Easy, Quick and Reliable


Email underpins every part of a business today – whether you're talking to prospective customers, confirming quotes from suppliers or coordinating arrangements with colleagues.

If you're in business you need to present a professional and consistent image to all those you contact regularly, and you also need the right email tools to keep track of your inbox.

MXSvr.NET email solutions been developed over 10 years, making it extremely robust and intuitive to use. Key features of our solutions include:

  • Huge storage – 150GBs per mailbox
  • Host your large attachments, photos, and documents
  • Integrate with Outlook, Thunderbird (or your favorite email client) using IMAP or POP3
  • Easy administration for all of your employees – easily add/remove mailboxes
  • Free migration – we'll assist you get all of your data on to our system with zero downtime
  • Mobile sync support, so that you can take your contacts, calendars, tasks and notes with you as you travel
  • A beautiful Webmail client that acts just like a desktop email client